5 Interesting Wii Games You Probably Missed

by James O'Connor Featured 14 Comments 21 Votes 3995 Views 02/08/2012 Back to Articles

The Wii will almost certainly be remembered for its control scheme and high sales rather than its games. That’s a shame, because despite the machine’s out-dated technology it actually hosted some pretty damn entertaining games over the course of its life. With the Wii U around the corner and the technological gap too much for many gamers to bear, the Wii is all but dead now – but it’s worth scouring those shelves before all the stock is dumped in some warehouse somewhere, because chances are you never got around to picking up some of the system’s most interesting titles.

This is by no means a definitive list. There are plenty of other Wii games you probably missed, but these are games that always elicit a surprised response from people when I recommend them.

Deadly Creatures | THQ / Rainbow Studios

The strangest thing about Deadly Creatures isn’t that its playable characters are a scorpion and a tarantula. The strangest thing about the game was its voice cast – throughout the game you repeatedly overhear and see two rednecks who are digging for gold, voiced by Billy-Bob Thornton (who has since come out with a whole bunch of anti-gaming vitriol) and Dennis Hopper (in one of his last roles ever). It’s not just these curiously cast performances that make the game worth playing though. Deadly Creatures is actually extremely enjoyable and inventive, despite a few camera woes, making solid use of the Wii remote. It’s a bit icky, naturally, but worth putting your phobias aside for.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition | EA

The Godfather may not be the best open world game we’ve seen, but the Blackhand Edition does something that surprisingly few Wii games have done – it maps motion controls onto an existing game in ways that make it far more enjoyable than any other version. Fist-fights are particularly enjoyable, and the motion sensing is more accurate than most games of its type, with lots of different combat options. Want to knee someone in the face during a fight? Bring the Wii remote and nunchuk down to your knees. Want to garrotte someone? Sneak up behind them and make the appropriate motions. Actually pulling off these murderous actions makes this the definitive version of the game, believe it or not.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories | Konami / Climax Studios

Many hardcore Silent Hill fans weren’t so into Shattered Memories, with its irritating chase sections and complete absence of combat, but many others have cited it as the definitive Silent Hill experience. It’s all about atmosphere – you’ll spend most of the game wandering around the town, guiding your flashlight with the Wii remote, listening to recordings through your Wii remote speaker, and being generally freaked out. It’s not as terrifying as the recent Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, but it’s still more than capable of getting under your skin. Best of all are the sections where a psychologist asks you alarmingly upfront, personal questions, your answers to which determine how the town looks, how other characters act and dress, and what kind of ending you get. It’s a six-hour journey that’s worth playing through more than once.

The Last Story | Nintendo / Mistwalker

In Australia, we’ve taken to calling Skyward Sword the Wii’s final big game (maybe because Twilight Princess was its first big game, so it seems fitting). In the USA, everyone’s gone and called Xenoblade the system’s swansong. Just quietly, The Last Story was actually (probably) the last must-have Wii release, but somehow people have forgotten about it already. Developed by Mistwalker, it features a combat system that makes enemy encounters and (most) boss fights a joy to take part in, a story that is sort of fun (despite being pretty damn lame in places) and a set of customisation options that are easy to wrap your head around. Simply put, it’s an excellent JRPG, and those things are in rare supply these days.

Little King’s Story | Rising Star Games / Cing

High on the list of games I regret never finishing, Little King’s Story is an amazing, odd little game about a boy king and his quest to make his subjects happy. As well as maintaining and growing your little town and kingdom, ultimately Little King’s Story was all about world domination. It was enormous and ambitious, like Pikmin meets Harvest Moon meets a great heaping bowl of awesomeness. There’s a Vita sequel on the way, which means that maybe it’ll finally find the following it deserves.

By James O'Connor

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At least Deadly Creatures had a reason for the giant spiders.

My pet hate in gaming. Everyone using giant spiders [Rage]
I hate spiders. Giant pet or no.
I really enjoyed godfather.. One of my favourite wii games I have played
Deadly Creatures was great fun. Only played 2 hours or so but it's a wonderful game. One of the most original this gen, that's for sure.
I have Little King's Story. Yet to play it.
I played Little Kings Story and it is no where near a must have... completely forgettable with annoying controls and everything feels gimmicky. You put up with the long runs back to the chair to save for a while. But you have to keep doing it over and over again. Not worth playing IMO because that time can be better spent elsewhere.
[M O G] I had completely forgotten about Deadly Creatures... That brings me back to when I first started visiting this site [MOG]
still need to finish deadly creatures. Godather Black hand edition is one of the few games i've done 100% on wii, which is saying something as it is a fairly sizable game. Really good inclusion for this list :)

The original De Blob (RIP Blue Tongue :'( ) was an overlooked incredibly original wii exclusive. Also Red Steel 2 sold very poorly, nowhere near indicative of it's quality.

Makra said: [M O G] I had completely forgotten about Deadly Creatures... That brings me back to when I first started visiting this site

It's always good to think back to the good ol' days *tear*
I loved Last story. Battle System was quite fun once you got the hang of it. Very engaging story. Characters were horrible on their own but when you put them together they turned out quite nicely. Oh and an awesome soundtrack.

I remember DEadly Creatures i actually had it for a while. I finished it way too early and kind of left it on the shelf for a while then sold it on ebay eventually.

I have yet to play Little King's Story but i have heard amazing things.

A few other games that deserve a mention:

DeBlob, Madworld, No More Heroes 2(i'm pretty sure most have played 1 but what about the sequel?), Red Steel1 and 2, and the one i really think deserves more props and should really be given another run:

Awesome game, awesome potential. Great fun too.
Glad to see Little King's Story on the list. Great title that was grossly underrated.
always meant to get deadly creatures
de Blob, Madworld, No More Heroes, Zak & Wiki - all fantastic games. But I tried to pick games that aren't already having their names shouted from various internet rooftops! The Godfather and Deadly Creatures, in particular, seem to have been all but forgotten, but they're both still worth picking up.
The godfather was a great game. Reading about the knee action brings back some good memories of playing that game. The head butt comes to mind as well.

There was a good G1 jockey in there too which I've had some of the best times with mates.

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