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Game Over Miyamoto?

by rizzod Featured 5 Comments 20 Votes 1800 Views 14/06/2012 Back to Articles
Shigeru Miyamoto. If you're a Nintendo Fan, that name would instantly be asscociated with such terms and nicknames as "Creator of Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong.. etc.", "Godfather of Gaming", and of course "Shigsy". But there are other names that many non-believers are attaching to Miyamoto, such as "Old", and "Out of touch". Some even state that he is "Holding Nintendo back". All these names that are given to the proclaimed "Godfather" are very questionable. But from the non-believers, there is one term that they have never thrown out of the barrel, "Unoriginal". Now, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is what we're gong to look at.

It can be argued that Miyamoto's motives and ideas over the past half-decade have been somewhat questionable. When it comes to The Legend of Zelda series, it's never a disappointment, no matter how much we love to hate Twilight Princess, we hate to love it too. When the release of the Wii was announced, and had alot of Next-Gen fanboys foaming at the mouth (Not only Nintendo Fans in general), the foaming came to a sudden halt once many of the games we saw were announced. Some of that halt turned to cheers, some to hate, and some just confused. Not all of it can be blamed on "Shigsy", but games that were announced like "Wii Musc", (a game that is a Commercial Success, selling over 2.9 Million copies worldwide) you couldn't help yourself but question the man, and his plan for this so called... Video Game. It was an obvious attempt to ploy little kids into goating their parent to buying them a Wii. You have to question Nintendo themselves, if they even tested this game, or even looked at it before putting it on shelves. Needless to say that at this point, they probably have enough faith in Miyamoto, to not have to test anything the man does, and just let it go straight to gold. But while Nintendo were presenting this at E3 2008, (considered Nintendo's worst conference ever), The competing conferences were throwing out popular franchises such as God of War 3, Resident Evil 5, and Mirror's Edge was even debuting at E3 that year. Now when doing the presentation, Nintendo obviously wanted to give Miyamoto enough time to explain and show off his latest creation, which he was obviously was proud of at the time, but for Nintendo to have over 15 minutes dedicated to Wii Music, was a very questionable move on their part. It wasn't enough that we had to sit there and suffer with, Cammy "Who cares just get Reggie Back on stage and just be done away" Dunaway, but also be embarrased to be a Nintendo fan, walking out of that conference with your head held low. But honestly, if we can weigh out the successes (not commercially, more quality) that Miyamoto has put out there for Nintendo for the past half-decade on the Wii, well then the man has done many spectacular things for the console.

You can't count on two hands how many great titles the Wii has had, even the simplest yet effective ones can be included on there, the list includes greats from Wii Sports all the way to Skyward Sword. For people who keep harping on Miyamoto for games not looking the best, and blaming him for that, it's not the man's fault, you're looking at the wrong guy. He may play a huge part of development, but he's not the reason the Wii did not get "Uncharted-like" graphics. And that's a huge problem with todays gaming and how it's percieved. Now I've been called a Sony fanboy from everyone I know, but I do also know what makes a good game, and it's not always graphics, but my belief is that with the technology that we now have these days, there is no excuse for a major budget title, to not have the whole package. What's the whole package? Gameplay, Presentation, Music (Incl. SFX), and of course Graphics. With the Wii's incompatibility, it put a restraint on having the best look on games. And that of course can stem from Nintendo's previous console the Gamecube, and how much money that made, but we're not going to go there.

Diversity is a word that is commonly looked at negatively today in gaming. With the usual response of "Aw, Don't Change it! It was good how it was!", sometimes yes, that is the truth. But Miyamoto takes that and makes it one of the best things for gaming in a stage where I personally believe, we are heading towards another gaming crash. And I, surprisingly, am not blaming Nintendo for once, I'm actually supporting them. When the XBOX360 came out, it introduced the hardcore audience to a world which they appreciated, Hardcore Online Gaming, Mature/Adult content and of course, Graphics that had not been seen on any Home console yet, the PS3 followed in suit. But the Diversity in these consoles that the so-called "Hardcore Gamer" is in love with today, is lacking that one word, Diversity. My blame goes straight to the Call of Duty series, it's never differentiates from the last. It's always "an improvement". "Oh look, a crossbow" Who Cares, Right? Now this is where The argument can also be laid on Nintendo, for example "Oh what's that? Zelda got kidnapped again? Link saving her Again?... Who Cares!?". Whilst Miyamoto does come out with some of the most diverse ideas from the competitors, there's always the franchises that never change, which always gives the other competitor a belief that, if it's a successful formula, just stick with it and it will be a cashcow. And hey presto, we get success and failure at the exact same time. Whilst people love their own beloved personal franchises such as the CoD series, or Zelda, or even Uncharted, they don't realise that as much as they keep supporting it for how it is, and never lobby for a change, the hate amongst it's competitors just grows and grows, and with each sequel that each developer throws out there, there's always the excuse of "how it never changes". Now how does this all stem from Miyamoto? I'll say that word again, Diversity, as much as I just explained there isn't alot of it in today's gaming, the man knows how to work on multiple ideas at the same time, with each idea not having anything to do with eachother. It's more than what you can say about many other franchises. While Black Ops 2 is nearly in completion, the exact same developers are hard at work creating DLC for the game. Not saying DLC is bad, but it's the exact same thing. While Miyamoto is working with the New Super Mario Bros Team, he is also hard at work with other development companies like Next Level Games who are developing Luigi's Mansion 2, or Retro Studios who are still in the designing stages of Donkey Kong Country Returns 2. And this is all just one man, and those are just a minor percentage of major key titles to come in the near future.

It will be a very sad day, when, or even if Miyamoto leaves those doors in Kyoto for the last time. It might even be the day gaming just plateaus, hopefully not the day it dies. But the key to this is that, yes, even a great mind makes mistakes sometimes, and some he takes the blame for which aren't entirely the man's fault. But the main question here is that, does gaming still need Shigeru Miyamoto? In my mind, it's still very 50/50, i'm sure the conventional Nintendo fan would definitely say "YES! OH GOD YES!" and the XBOX/PS3 fan would say "Who Cares!? I'm busy playing CoD/Uncharted here". But if "gun to my head, end of the world" scenario, I would rather he stay in the business as long as he can. The gaming industry right now needs a man like Shigeru Miyamoto and there is only one. The moniker "The Godfather of Video Games" reigns true on Mr. Miyamoto, and if there were no Miyamoto, there would be no Nintendo, and if there were no Nintendo, there would be no gaming, and if there were no gaming... you get the rest.
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Firstly, some pictures would be nice just to break up the text. Makes it a bit easier to read. ^_^

Secondly, I pretty much agree with most of it. Miyamoto should continue on for as long as he can but he's only mortal! He can only continue as long as his mind and body are capable of, even though he looks like he's in his 70's I wouldn't be surprised if he was 120.

I also find the generic complaint of "another" Zelda a bit contradicting. Zelda has spanned across Nintendo's hardware of about 25 years, usually not appearing on the same console more than twice? The Wii only saw two instalments of the series, one pretty much being a port from the GC. Compare that to Call of Duty where most of the series has pretty much appeared during this generation. COD is a pretty good FPS and with it's online community, it probably reasons for so many appearances but still.

I think he should focus on passing on his teachings to the next generation of developers so that they can hold the mantle.
Thanks for the feedback, i'll try and add pics next time. The formatting on the site is a little different than im used to.
Great read! I'm a borderline Nintendo fanboy and Miyamoto has done more than anyone else for this industry. His games encapsulate a child-like wonder that even as a 25 year old I still love and can't find anywhere else. Like you said, even the greats make mistakes, but Miyamoto has done so much that I think gamers should let him have those little passion projects like Wii Music.
if he quits sony and microsoft will have nothing to take ideas from

xxLCr0wxx said: if he quits sony and microsoft will have nothing to take ideas from

LOL! nice.

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