Modern Warfare 3 on Wii U – What Would It Be Like?

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Modern Warfare 3 on Wii U – What Would It Be Like?

Having gone hands-on with the Wii U at E3, I’ve started to wonder how some popular franchises would be translated over to the console to make use of its controller and hardware.

It’s allowed me to get creative with my favourite games, imagining how developers could incorporate certain mechanics and skills in the game into the Wii U experience.

The first game I envisioned was, of course, Modern Warfare 3, a game that I quite clearly have high on my wish list for 2011. I’ve played Spec Ops and seen the single-player in action, so I think I have a fair idea of what we should all expect when the game hits in November.

But what if Modern Warfare 3 was on Wii U? What could we expect, and what should we want?

Enhanced Map Hub

I often think of the Chase Mii tech demo, which had one player holding a Wii U controller and three others holding the standard Wii controllers. The Wii U controller gave the player an advantage over the other players as it gave a top-down view of the map, allowing the player to pinpoint where they and enemies were on the map.

Granted, Call of Duty already has that placement of maps on the screen, all positioned well enough and in the line of sight so as to work effectively while in the heat of battle. However, the controller could act as a larger and clearer map of the battlefield, making awareness on the battlefield a more refined skill.

In-game GPS Mapping

Say you’ve found yourself the perfect camping spot, only for you to be killed before you really get a chance to take advantage of the area. You respawn in another area and have to slowly make your way back to the spot if you have any hope of camping in the same place.

The Wii U controller could allow you to select a point on the map, before generating a route that avoids enemy respawn points and/or heavily infiltrated areas.

It could also be quite effective when controlling things like an RC car or predator missile, using your finger to guide the weapon more accurately on the map.

Weapon Effectiveness

Most Call of Duty gamers have their own controller configuration, as the standard configuration makes certain skills – such as knifing – more of a chore to execute than an effective killing method.

Using the touch-screen of the Wii U controller, you could make a quick swipe on the screen in any direction to initiate the knifing sequence, which would actually make for a far more satisfying kill, as opposed to simply pressing a button.

Killstreak Awesomeness

So you rack up 11 kills in a row and unlock the devastating Chopper Gunner. Instead of using an analog stick and trigger to fire, you simply move the Wii U controller around and shake it to fire.

For a care package (although these are supposedly set to be excluded in future Call of Duty titles), you could easily select a location with minimal enemy presence, as the large view of the map on the controller would give you a birds-eye view of the battlefield.

Real-time Elite Stat Tracking

“Elite sucks”, “Elite is pointless”, yada yada yada! Yeah, everyone knows Elite didn’t get quite the reception Activision was probably hoping for, but that said, its potential cannot be ignored, pricing aside.

The potential with the Wii U controller is the option to include Elite state tracking on-the-fly, meaning you can see updated statistics of your friends and those you’re playing with as you play. That would be insanely awesome, as anyone that actually had access to Elite would probably love the ability to see real-time stat updates as they’re playing.

How would you translate the Call of Duty experience on Wii U?

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Modern Warfare 3 on Wii U – What Would It Be Like? Comments

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It'd be interesting... Although MP would be fail, SP would be amazing and new

GreenThumb said: It'd be interesting... Although MP would be fail

Is what I imagine for any MP side of a game that's coming to the second Wii. (**** the Wiiu name, Nintendo)

I can also imagine frantic and frustrating gameplay when playing with two screens.
if this thing is just going to become a glorified map screen then I'm done with this thing already, however give me a game like splinter cell and let me use it for snake cam, sticky grenades, hacking security cams to know when I can run past them, lock picking with the stylus and stuff like that then we can talk
Cool, imagine being able to zoom and shoot with the Wii U pad thingy as a sniper
This is the awesomesetestetest thread, just maked u that more excited for the U, thans Beta! and DAYUM
some pretty nifty ideas there man! i would like to see something like that implemented

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