Nintendo has already "won" E3

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Despite the influx of announcements and trailers, E3 hasn't officially started yet. The expo that stops the gaming world once a year is set to kick off in the early hours of tomorrow morning, starting with the Microsoft press conference.

Yet anyone would have you think Nintendo has already "won" the war.

A surprise to Nintendo fans and media outlets alike, the Japanese company announced a pre-E3 press conference in which they revealed the revised gamepad, the Wii U Pro Controller and their top-secret online platform.

Not bad for a pre-E3 conference.

It was a masterful move by Nintendo, effectively revealing enough information to rattle those who were sitting about Nintendo's promise to be aiming for "core" gamers with the release of the Wii U. While everything was shrouded in mystery leading up to the event, Nintendo are luring people in one by one with tantalising bits of info.

Now Microsoft are going to take the stage and say "hey, we've got Halo 4, a new Kinect-based Forza and some new online features," and gamers are going to be happy, but still holding out for Nintendo.

Sony will promise better online integration, a swag of Vita games, a cloud-based gaming partnership and a brawl game. Still, people will be waiting for Nintendo.

Nintendo will walk out on the stage, reveal a brand new console, a robust online platform and a swag of first and third-party titles that will cater to both casual and hardcore gamers.

Screams and applause will fill the expo, Nintendo will take it all in their stride and dominate the remaining day as the lines last for hours to have just ten minutes hands-on time with their new console.

Microsoft and Sony may be turning up to the battle, but before anyone has even taken the stage, Nintendo has won the war.

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It seems hard to imagine Microsoft and Sony upstaging them, but they might have a few tricks up their sleeve. But I'm mostly uninterested in mostly everything compared to Wii U. Still keen to see what 343i has done with Halo, what The Last of Us is about, and what's going on with Vita, but Nintendo seriously looks primed to make this an E3 for the ages.
I'm guessing this is about right...

This year its ALL about Wii U ^_^
Wii U baby!

Haters gonna hate.

Pilkingbod said: Wii U baby!
Haters gonna hate.

Who can hate on the Wii U? the name maybe but this thing is gonna be awesome! [Derp]
I'm just as excited from the reveals as everyone else, but it's all just hardware so far. People can't forget what makes or breaks a console, as the Wii experienced: games. Yeah sure we're gonna get Pikmin 3 and another slew of Mario-related games. But I, at least want to see some new software reveals that will back up Nintendo's hardware tease. Especially considering Microsoft and Sony don't have a lot of exclusives or whatever planned beyond Halo 4 or Last of Us. Then they can guarantee a K.O.
What prize do Nintendo win?
I don't think anything else announced will be more exciting than a new console. I'm most excited for Wii U news and info. I'm still definatley keen on Sonys line up. I really want some big Vita announcements.

Tsunamo said: What prize do Nintendo win?

of your avatar.
Wouldn't say "win", more of a head start but if it's any indication then yes!
It's true, the Wii U looks like it has a lot of potential. [Derp]

Tsunamo said: What prize do Nintendo win?

got bored of my wii in a week. can't see how this will be different.
shame that pre-e3 announcement was a bit of a snoozefest but either way, it's pretty much a given that more details about nintendo's new console will be a hit at least following on from the successful wii. The new console does sound promising.

The same will be said when Sony and Microsoft eventually release news on a new console whether that be at e3 next year or some other event. Either way, I still think Sony and Microsoft will at least bring out a few surprises since enough time has gone by since the first wii u announcement last year.
Oh dear. What happened? General consensus is that Nintendo blew E3. After suggesting the Wii U was about winning back "core" gamers, Nintendo's conference made it clear they are much more interested in the casual crowd.

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