Wii U will be a great console for what it is

by Ben Salter Featured 13 Comments 23 Votes 1687 Views 28/06/2012 Back to Articles

A stopgap between the horrendously outdated Wii and the next generation. That’s what the Wii U is and how it will prove to be successful.

It’s not the next generation nor is it meant to be. Nintendo needs to play catch up, as Sony and Microsoft deliberate over what is expected from their new consoles. The Wii did well to make it to 2011 producing memorable games. It was never going to make it until the end of 2012 within the confines of standard definition.

The days of a new piece of hardware signaling the end of one “generation” and the beginning of the next are long behind us. Nintendo developed the DS without replacing it with the DSi, Microsoft evolved the Xbox 360 with Kinect and Apple has become the master of revising its hardware on a yearly basis without ushering the beginning of a new era in technology.

Nintendo is simply following the current trend in hardware development. A new console doesn’t mean next generation, and it shouldn’t have to.

I won’t be surprised when Nintendo launches a new console in three years shortly after the PlayStation 4 (Orbis) and Xbox 720 heralded as the true beginning of the next generation.

The Wii U is to the Wii what the DSi was to the DS.

There’s a reason it has retained the Wii tag and a majority of games give the user the option to use the tablet or Wii Remote. The Wii U is to the Wii what the DSi was to the DS -- only, future games will be restricted to the new hardware due to the massive leap to HD.

Looking at it in that light, the Wii U won’t disappoint. It will be a console that caters to the more serious audience with a magnitude of multiplatform releases, and hopefully a few fantastic third party exclusives as well.

The tablet could be hit or miss, but that’s almost irrelevant. We will almost certainly be able to choose to play games with the bulky input or the more comfortable control pad inspired by the Xbox 360. The Wii Remote also looms as Nintendo’s preferred input device. The tablet is merely a means to make the Wii U look like more than a HD upgrade on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3, which is all it really is.

Talk is cheap, as is the term "next generation". Those words don't mean anything because we're not ready for it yet. The current technology will suffice for another year or two, but the Wii commendably ran out of steam after giving everything its petite SD casing had to offer. Nintendo had no choice but to act, but that doesn't mean it needs to rush into advancing technology beyond its means.

If you adopt the Wii U for what it is -- an updated HD version of the Wii with an eye towards the serious gamer -- you won’t be disappointed. It’s not the next generation, and it isn’t trying to be.

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Wii U will be a great console for what it is Comments

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Well I can't agree with you that the Wii U is not a next-gen platform. I find it so strange that people continue to be sucked in to "power" debate. Was the ps2 the strongest console of its generation? No, but it was the best selling. The Wii blitzed its competitors this gen in sales. The DS stomped the PSP. The 3ds is stomping the PSVita. At the end of the day power isn't relevant. The Wii U IS Nintendo's next-gen system. It WILL last as long as any of it's predecessors. It will NOT be a 2-3 year stop gap system. Finally, it WILL have games every bit as good as its competitors.
Lol WTF is this.
I can't take this site seriously anymore, sorry.
having a new way to play is more important to me than stupid graphics. Graphics are important but they shouldn't dtermine whether a game should fit this generation or not.

we are at an age where we are seeing all kinds of different games now. Look at what is on our Iphones or Androids? These are games that don't really have the best graphics yet they are simple and they are addictive. It doesn't take a genius to play "words with friends". or "Bejeweled"

What is the right formula for that winning game? That winning console? Nintendo dominated last generation whether you like to admit it or not. In its first year, in fact in its first 3 months it reached the Xbox360 target. It sold out everywhere. There was a point where Nintendo needed to make more consoles and it was delayed. People were begging for one.

Graphics only play a small part now. Yes you need good graphics for a game. But that's it now it doesn't have to be awesome to win over the audiences. To win over the masses.

A Game just has to be good to play. If the Wii U can do that. It's won my vote.
Seen nothing from Nintendo to think any different. Only fanboy-tinted goggles would make it seem any different. I agree.
The full Wii compatibility(and use of wiimote in Wii U games) certainly makes it seem like a Wii 1.5. I think the use of the new controller will define how next-gen it is. The controller looks like too much of an advancement to be classified as "Wii 1.5" but I guess if that potential isn't tapped into then it would ultimately just be the HD wii. There's still lots of untapped potential with the wiimote + nunchuck so we've got some confusing times ahead of us/

Blob said: Lol WTF is this.
I can't take this site seriously anymore, sorry.

I reached this point months ago.
For me the articles here are pure trash and seem to just be written for the hell of it.
God knows where the quality control has gone?
I want to ask, how is not next-gen though? What did the PS3 or 360 do beyond upgrade their graphics? Their controllers are more or less the same as well and what does compatibility have to do with something being next-gen or not? The more compatible the better. In fact, I remember the biggest drawback of the PS3 being it couldn't play PS2 games.

The Wii > Wii U progression is a bigger leap than either ps2 > 3 or xbox > 360. All they really added was some new graphics and better online. The Wii U offers better graphics, new controls (new ways to play) AND old, (seriously what's wrong with offering multiple control schemes, I remember that being a massive plus in Brawl for example) and it is also upgrading it's online performance.

As for everyone else here, as much of a joke as these articles can be, I agree. Don't they get paid to write X number of articles a week? Can't blame them for not having good ideas constantly.
I never saw the Wii as a current-generation console either.

I see the progression to be like this:

Previous Gen–––Wii–––Current Gen–––WiiU–––Next Gen
"The Wii U is to the Wii what the DSi was to the DS. " Are you for real? [Facepalm]

We still don't even know what's under the hood. Stop with the Nintendoom.

jeebs99 said: "The Wii U is to the Wii what the DSi was to the DS. " Are you for real?

Clearly they put a camera on the Wii remote and called it a day.
I'm gonna buy it anywayz ^_^

M@ndyz said: I'm gonna buy it anywayz

Same :D
Well I think this is a relevant discussion:


So I guess I disagree with the article lol

I do think this is next-gen. But also a stop-gap console. But it seems a universe away from Wii, considering Miiverse, OS, online, third-party support etc.

I definitely don't fall for the "power dictates next-gen" argument.

I'm buying it.

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