Wiikey: Your Questions Answered

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WiiKey and D2CKey - What's the difference?

Before you start to panic in confusion, over the period of the Nintendo Wii's lifespan, Nintendo has changed the way the Wii works, internally that is. At one stage making modding harder, then having to change the way things were modded completely. There are only 2 main modchips for your Wii:
- The WiiKey Chip
- The D2CKey Chip

These both do the same thing, they both offer the same features, except the D2CKey is designed for the newer Nintendo Wii's since Nintendo changed how the hardware worked. And the WiiKey is about half as expensive to buy as well, because it's much less complex then the D2CKey.

Serial Numbers Wii Chip Needed
Lah10000000 - Lah10159999 Wiikey
Lah10160000 - Lah10215999 Wiikey (more complex)
Lah10216000 - Current D2CKey

Note: For the duration of this Article when we refer to the 'WiiKey' we will also be referring to the 'D2CKey' as they both do the same and are owned by the same company.

Official Website

The official website for the WiiKey is Wiikey.cn, this has been down since 2007 and since the 5th of January this year we see an Apache default server page. Due to some security issues the site has been indefinitely shutdown, although we are certain they still continue to produce the chips.
Note: There are clone sites out there, so be careful to get the real chip, not a clone.

Just what is a Wiikey?

A WiiKey is a Modchip for the Nintendo Wii Console. A mod chip is an electronic chip that get attached to the DVD drive of the Nintendo Wii to "hack" it and allow the owner to have accessability to many functions and features that the WiiKey offers.

The Wiikey also has a special feature called "Stealth" mode. This basically means that the WiiKey will work in 'write only', so that it's not able to read the settings on the chip. This means that there is no response from the chip, as if it wasn't there thus meaning it cannot be detected.

An official WiiKey Modchip

Legality / Warranty - Is WiiKey legal? Will it void my Warranty?

Installing and owning a mod chip is 100% legal in Australia. And so are some of the Features that the WiiKey allows you to do. But please note; it will void your Warranty (this is because the Nintendo Wii case is opened during the installation process).

Features - What Features does WiiKey Offer?

With a Modchip installed into your Nintendo Wii, it gives you access to the following things:

  • You can direct boot:
    • NTSC Wii imports on NTSC consoles
    • PAL Wii imports on PAL consoles
    • PAL Wii imports on NTSC consoles
    • NTSC Wii imports on PAL consoles
    • Homebrew in GameCube mode
    • Different NTSC region Wii games/backups on US and JDM consoles

  • Allows you to support:
    • All currently available console/drive versions
    • D2B chip sets
    • DVD-R / true DVD+R and +RW support
    • Multi-disc games for both Wii and GameCube
    • Full size 4GB discs for GameCube homebrew

  • Other features include:
    • Update mechanism via DVD
    • NTSC region Wii games/backups on PAL consoles (Partial support)
    • Boots different region GC games/backups (Partially without swapping)
    • Improved read settings for recordable media
    • Built-in audio fix
    • Stealth mode
    • 512 byte EEPROM to store configuration
    • Quick-solder interface - no wires required
    • Unique disc backup application via SD card
    • Compact design
    • Professional ESD packing
    • Recovery mode - Can recover from a bad flash

There is also a Firmware update, version 1.9b. This give's you extra features like:

  • Working audiofix
  • Dual layer support (no bitsetting required)
  • Improved media support (all supported chipsets)
  • Full Gamecube regionfree (no-swap/video setup)
  • Various "smaller" improvements/fixes
  • Workaround for FW 3.0 gameid limitation
  • "On the fly" settings for gc games (by holding buttons)

NTSC and PAL - What are they?

The Nintendo Wii's game have "Region Coding" which splits all the games into 2 categories, NTSC and PAL (and SECAM). They are spread over different parts of the world by the gaming industry to have more control. The WiiKey allows you to import games from other places.

E.G. Importing a game from America (NTSC) and playing it on an Australian console (PAL).

Risks - What are the risks involved?

Getting a chip in your Wii console, there is never a 100% guarantee that there will not be consequences for getting a WiiKey installed. Things such as the soldering/install process could go wrong, or possibly down the track Nintendo might find a way to fight against the chip, causing dilemas with your console (this is highly doubted though).

One big one you might have heard is trying to play some types of games that weren't designed to be played on your console. Some may have heard of the Super Paper Mario dilema back when it was first released. When trying to play the NTSC version on a PAL console, this "Bricked" the users console.

"Bricking" is a term used that means that the console becomes unusuable and just about broken. If your console is bricked, you will almost certainly have to buy a new one. Although these things won't happen if you take caution.

Data loss - what do I lose upon Install?

Nothing is lost on your Nintendo Wii upon install of the modchip. All your game saves, files, VC games, and channels will be there before, and after the install. The only thing that get's affected when your Wii get's modded is your clock, which get's reset because the battery is taken out during the installation process.

MyWii does not condone Piracy
For more information on MyWii's stance on piracy, read our Rules on Piracy

Link to us http://wii.mmgn.com/Articles/Wiikey-Your-Questions-Answered
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Hell Yeh, i had to delete the other one, but this one works now i got the pic up and everything, just gotta fix those damn links.

Man that was hard
good job
answers a few questions i for 1 am not going too do it but thats just me
Way to use the Definition tags. They're my favourite. DL plus CSS equals win.
Hey if anyone who has real little experience in soldering is considering installing this - don't. Seriously, I opened up my Wii last night and the solder points for the Wiikey are SO TINY. They are as small as the non-sharp point of a sewing pin - if I tried to do it I would have soldered like three points at once. Get it done by a professional.
...Has anyone who's had the Wiikey installed actually had their console bricked?
Actually, not illegal in Australia.
I think it was more because of the modchips on MyGames, but piracy talk is now banned on all MyMedia sites now, I think.

GCMODCHIPS said: Thats correct there100% legal in Australia

also we sell them 24.99 AUD yes Offical Wiikey model

You sell cheap $1 clones
Hi Everyone,

We have started a small info site for the WiiKey mod chip, below is the link to the site.


Here you will find information on telling which version WiiKey you have, there are now currently 4 revisions of the PCB in the market. Latest is v4 with PTH soldering pads.

Also a clone guide helping you determine if you were sold an original WiiKey or not.

An install guide section with guides on new models such as the D2C, which www.wiikey.cn have not added to their site yet.

We also have a shame section where we will list companies that we have proof they are selling clone WiiKey as the Original item.

Hope you find the site useful.

Winnie said: You're an admin, Desi. You of all people should know. It's an illegal topic on this forum.

Don't want MyMedia to be shut down. :/

MrKibbles said: yea wasn't this why mywii was shut down?

No. Winnie is right; MyMedia was not taken offline because we were disseminating modchip information. It's because a modchip was for sale on MyGames, and it just so happened that MyWii and other sites were on MyGames' server.

What is disallowed on this forum is the trading of modchips, whether it be the modchips themselves or a console with a modchip installed. Also the exchange of pirated games, or sources of pirated games, from any system and in any form.
I just modded mine. First I thought it failed, had to open up the case for the second time (bugger).
But it turn out that the Bootdisk is not working properly. Wii is a bit picky on what DVD disk it will take.
Mmm... I just really don't see the point. Isn't the VC basically making this pointless, if older games are being released for only a few bucks why wouldn't you just buy them, rather than go to the effort of tracking down a legic Wiikey, a reputable installer, potentially bricking your Wii, and then finding and using the old games?
I guess I'm just a big scared of bricking my Wii...
Is it possible to gets some installer recommendations, is there a related thread?
There are heaps of related threads. Just use the search option. Most online retailers have installers all over the place. You just gotta find a good deal.
illegal smeegle if your worried about it being illegal then dont get one just stop complaining

bigdouch said: i have ordered a wiikey chip but were do i get the games form can i down load them???? please help asap

FORUM RULES: do not ask where to obtain game isos or backups. Check the mywii guidelines for more rules.
- back up your own games or use torrents if your unable to
My dad says he's getting me Wiikey mod chip but im trying to find a good place to get it done in Sydney. Any suggestions???
got my wiikey for £8 for Official v4 took apart my wi about 10 mins later had it all up and running, i have no soldering experience its a bit fiddly but fairly easy if you do it with wires you cant go wrong i used a thin ide cable tined the wires and just quickly taped them against the solder points on the wii it really is that easy, and as for dvds i haven't found a brand yet that it doesn't like as long as its dvd-r i haven't tried + disks yet. the problem with most of these forums is that the info given is speculation by people that have read incorrect info off of other sites and don't actually have a working wiikey, if it doesn't boot backups straight away then you have installed it wrong, nero doesn't work for burning disks only use imgburn at 4x if you are backing up a disk use rawdump and a confirmed working drive if it doesn't tell you the name of the game during backup the image wont work and hasn't backed up properly, ps don't update your wii from a different region game or a disk that you didn't backup yourself or know the person who did a import or tampered with disk is pretty much the only way you are likely to brick your wii, good luck and i hope iv helped ps my wiikey came from discoazul
hey all..
gots me a question and Im not sure where its supposed to go but ANYWAY...

I had my wii modded a week or so ago but I was told I need to 'activate' the mod before I can play backups or other region games...

is this true?
and if so how do I go about that.
anyone that knows a bit please drop a line >: ?
*is desperate to know here
ive got 3 questions and sorry if theyre n00bish questions

1. when you update the wii firmware will this stuff up your wii? and im meaning updating via internet or pal games.

2. also i have a normal wii the first 6 characters of the serial number are LAH100. now to the point, is it absolutely necessary to solder to put the wiikey in my wii?

3. last question is it possible to remove the chip after its installed?
Soooo Awesome!
thanks man
I bought a modded Wii that had a wiikey already installed. After a while the burnt games I had downloaded would freeze randomly. I could sometimes get the games to work again by ejecting and reinserting them, but usually once the games started to freeze that meant they were down and out for the rest of the day. The next day it would generally work again. My version of Twilight Princess works perfectly and never freezes, and it is the only game I have that was a retail version.

When I bought the new game of Tales of Symphonia it asked to install an update, and gave a warning that if it did there was a very real possibility that any 'modified' consoles might, in effect, get 'bricked'. Because of this I've been looking for ways to disable the modchip altogether, and try to ignore the hassle it's been. The most convenient way to do this is to run that 1.9b update thing and pull the plug before it's completely finished, thus corrupting the chip completely. Since I haven't been able to find a working download of that update, though, I want to know: if I open the Wii up and remove the chip as best I can, will all traces of it's presence from an update's point of view have been removed along with it? Or is there some sort of 'uninstall' thing I need to run beforehand, or... ??

To bypass game updates, you will need GeckoOS which is run via the homebrew channel.

GeckoOS Download: wiibrew.org/

MORE INFO: forums.afterdawn.com/
I got a Wiikey 2 installed in December by a professional.
I'd like to find out the current firmware version my Wiikey 2 is running
I saw there's a v1.2 update on wiikey.cn resources page but I'd like to know my current version first to know whether it's worth updating.

Also, the only game I cannot run is SSBB but I burnt a 3GB ISO to a Verbatim DVD-R disc
Would it be sorted by getting the 8GB approx ISO and burning on a verbatim DVD+R disc?

It is illegal to use "your" as a contraction for "you are". Your your should be you're.

GrammarCop said: It is illegal to use "your" as a contraction for "you are". Your your should be you're.


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