SSBB Friendcode and Discussion Thread 16 - Locked

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QLD > all other states combined at Melee AND Brawl. [MOG]

If you want to play SSBB with other people in Australia then post your Friendcode in this thread and if there are people lurking you'll find an opponent.

If you're American then go away.

Toki said:

swordsaint said: maybe its not power puff girls - but it'd have to be something similar because i've heard that somewhere thats not megaman

lol well that theme is pretty famous so you could of heard it anywhere



Did the Japanese band have a cute girl singing?

swordsaint said: in your second clip
if you play it from about 31 seconds to 35
that sort of build up, i've heard that before but not in megaman.

I thought it sounded like it was from another Megaman theme actually. lol
lol dont think so, it was some random commercial in Japan :p
I was like.... i know that song... [Shifty]

I like megaman music, ive played most of the newer series games aswell ^_^
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maybes its just something stuck in my head from when the only game i ever played on snes was megaman X.

I spammed that game haaaard
Probably swordsaint. lol

I played most of the Megaman games. I've got like all of them you can download off WiiWare and VC (I had two and three on the actual console) and I've played Legends (Though not the second one.)

Played all the Battle Network games, and Megaman X 6 on the PSX.

I had Zero on an emulator at some stage too.

I have played the DS games as well, but they suck.
they went too far with megaman so i just quit lol

i hate it when companies make so many spinoffs and excessive sequels.

cant keep up with all of them, so its just bleh [Rage]
Yeah, they did. But idiots like me kept buying. lol

I mean, there was something like 14 games in the Battle Network series alone. It's almost more than Pokemon.

Megaman should have been in brawl.

I hope they release Legends for VC sometime. I'd love to play that again.

swordsaint said:

Metanova said: I hate playing anyone from QLD on Wifi.
Except maybe emery.

lol I've pretty much come to the same conclusion

I lol'd =_= :O :) :D [Derp]

Edit: Wifi anyone?
wifi anyone 1v1?

add me for wifi prac. i play regularly.
I thought the new Gaga video was rather hilarious. Not enough Gaga in the clip imo.
Lol, random Apollo.
But yeah. <3

What time are you up for offlines before Syd? I'll probably head to your house around 1, so I'll be there at 1:40 or so.
Also I have new ideas for dubs. All involve you with ZSS though.

Nick Riddle is legitz. ^_^

Edit: On Sat, obviously. :p
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Yep sure, sounds fine. You probably shouldn't stay too late so you can get a good rest!
Lol my sleeping is terribad anyway.
That's what Caffeine tablets are for. (love)
If I don't have much, anyway.

And I'll sleep on the plane probz.
Unless I'm nexto to some fat bastard who squashes me. :(
sorry about that
I was referring to my brothers, actually.
Last time I went to Sydney I was stuck in the middle of both of them.

Although.... meh. cbf remembering what I was gonna say.
hmm...its already wednesday...when did that happen
I kept thinking it was thursday, yesterday. Absolutely no idea why.
oh me oh my the memories come flooding back
I played that a few months ago... I should probably replay Tooie as well but I'm lazy when it comes to video games [Derp]
lol Dean! just the person's avatar i wanted to stare at [Derp]
Oh wow, I hadn't seen the manga. Might check it out later.

Eh, I only really play Brawl near tournaments these days. I've been playing an old PS2 game called God Hand recently :)
Banjo Kazooie ftw.

The game confused me a lot though.
wifi? 1v1
Soz emery, was waiting for someone else.
It's alright. Brawl anyone?
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